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Pass Full Employment Legislation

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where if you wanted to work, you could easily find a decent job that would support you and your family’s needs, in a world without grinding poverty and economic insecurity, in a world where good jobs were easy to come by? These days, most people think that a nation where everyone is employed can be nothing but a Utopian dream. However, this is far from true. The fact is, full employment, (a real unemployment rate of 2% or less) was at one time a policy agenda in America, and around the world. In America, attempts at passing Full Employment legislation had some very limited success, and more so in Europe. There is no reason why a movement can’t once again be created around full employment legislation. This blog is devoted to making that movement a reality, and in case you didn’t notice, there are a lot of people that desperately need us to start a movement.

Well, we can do that. The  "HUMPHREY-HAWKINS FULL EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ACT" is a New Deal for the 21st century. It would require the Federal Government to put aside money in a trust fund to put people back to work. The government has no problem bailing out the banks and mega corporations, so why can't it bail out working families?

Sign our petition and tell them that that's exactly what they need to do. PASS FULL EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION!

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