Statehood for Puerto Rico

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We have been U.S. Citizens since 1917 and have yet to be treated as all other U.S. Citizens of the United States of America.  We have participated in referendums which the majority have voted for statehood. And, we are seeking that the U.S. congress give us statehood.  We are proud to be a member of the U.S. served in the armed forces. Businesses in PR transfers to the US billions of dollars in income and we are a great place to invest in the present and the future.  We feel the time has come to provide statehood for Puerto Rico.

After what happened with Huracanes Maria you have provided assistance in billions of dollars to PR and we are working to restructure our land, power grid and water to provide a better future to all.  That money will not be wasted and is being place to good use by the government with transparency and good auditing steps to prevent fraud if any kind. But, we seek equality and are willing to pay federal income taxes under statehood which will provide with better services to the U.S. Citizens I’m Puerto Rico in an equal manner as to any other of the US States. We have a great resident commissioner in Ms. Jenniffer Gonzalez and a great governor with Wanda Vasquez and the are both working with the people of Puerto Rico for us to become the 51st state of the union. Give Puerto Rico USA statehood!