Congress MUST Investigate the FBI, CIA, NSA, HLS, NASA to Find Those Ignoring This Threat.

Congress MUST Investigate the FBI, CIA, NSA, HLS, NASA to Find Those Ignoring This Threat.

August 2, 2022
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Started by Andrew Lehti

Please remember the basis on which this country was founded. We've always had the same enemy within. This enemy was, is, and always has been throughout history: the First Reich [half of which still exists today as their own nation] from Slavery, Bigotry, The Confederacy, The Assassination of Lincoln, and JFK, as well as those responsible for the import of 1600 Nazis via Operation Paperclip

When misinformation mixed with millions of misleading comments from A.I. programmed to be a master of manipulation to the point most of society must Google or Bing a question to get the answer then once again the lies from the mouth of Adolf Hitler flow through society via top information cards presented to you by artists of propaganda within every major corporation.

  1. Have you heard that the founding fathers had slaves? This is false. They had employees and assistants of color; some had servants as children.
  2. Where do the migrant buses go?
  3. How do 90,000 children in a single year survive the harsh conditions of the desert, make it to our US border, all without any adult to be found?
  4. Hundreds of Thousands of Children are Abandoned by Their Parents Each Year? What parent do you know that would not fight tooth and nail for their child? The propaganda that they use their kids to smuggle drugs is obvious manipulation.
  5. How is it legal for the UNITED STATES to cross the border and take these 90,000 and put them into cages?
  6. The propaganda of Nazi Germany was so strong that the citizens for the first few years truly thought they were merely deporting Jews.
  7. We must bring to light the true non-propagandized history of the Roman Empire. Their west empire seed has terrorized this world for nearly two thousand years when accounting the evils of the late Roman Empire.
  8. The First Reich: The Holy Roman Empire, half of which still exists today has attempted this ploy to take over the world every century comes with genocide, a forced and continuously corruption of the Christian religion.
  9. I ask you: how low are your morals that you choose a dream of greed and desire over the safety of your children, family, and others.
  10. Would you freely give your children to pedophilic traffickers in order to have your god? If you would not, then why would you support the organization that has had an endless history of pedophilia?
  11. The Roman Emperors were not great people as our history books claim. Pedophilia was highly practiced by Roman Emperors. Many of the Popes have a very dark history that continued the severe mental illness that the Roman Emperors had.
  12. If you believe that it would never happen to your child; how do you know. How would you feel knowing that a child was abducted because of your unwillingness not to reject this organization with an endless track record of corruption? They happened to use disease to wipe out the species they do not want alive. Smallpox blankets, dumping the black plague into the wells of Jewish communities, spread of the Spanish flu to their enemies.
  13. Those that dismiss this are empowering the only organization that has a known track record of sweeping hundreds of thousands of accusations of rape committed by their leadership.
  14. 110,000 clergy worldwide were accused of rape. I found 57 that were convicted. The accusations were cut off approx. 2001. I cannot find any real data after that. That was 57 priests within every country on this planet.
  15. Those that dismiss this threat will be considered supporters of Nazism, and Pedophilia. I do not state this to manipulate. I state this because the history is clear with thousands of connections, motive, and evidence such as the line of Pius Papal.
  16. You can dismiss that right now, and if you do, never claim that you are a Christian. I am no Christian; but a proper following of the religion would have crushed the First Reich to pebbles a thousand years ago. The summary, of the summary, of their summarized history can be found below. It does not change the above, and only adds a horrifying realization that no matter where humans have gone, their missionaries have followed to cause mayhem to gain control over you.
  17. If you believe History to be a conspiracy theory. If you believe that tens of thousands of my studies can be refuted by your single google search; then you truly support the evil that the First Reich is and has always been.


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Signatures: 29Next Goal: 50
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