Make scalping illegal!

Make scalping illegal!

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NOTE: This needs to be illegal in several countries, and not just the USA!

There has been a lot news lately about the recently released PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X being sold for ridiculous prices on online stores like eBay, so sellers can make a profit. And there has never been a issue with scalping this big. Scalpers are people who buy new items, or stealing from other people who have purchased it, or other methods of obtaining it, and then selling them on eBay (or other various online stores or flea markets) for ridiculous prices to make profit. And people who buy from scalpers have reported that they have been scammed anyway one way or another. Either not getting the item. Or getting the item, but with some disadvantage that hinder the experience of owning it compared to a brand new conditioned item.

I'm not an expert in law making. But in a nutshell, selling items with high demand (that are less than a year old after its initial launch) for a higher price tag than the price you can buy it new, should be illegal! I say less than a year old after its initial launch, so there will eventually be enough quantity of the item, when the item is being manufactured much more over time to meet demand.

With a law like this, you are allowed to sell the item within the first year of its availability for the item's original price or less, but not more. For example, if an item was launched at $499. Within the first year of its availability, you are allowed to sell the item for $499 or less. But if you sell the item for more than $499, and get caught, you deserve to be fined for this! Depending for how much you are selling the item will impact the amount of money of the fine. I'll give an example of this at the bottom of this description.

But the law will only be in effect for the item during the first 365 days, and will expire after the item's availability has been for 365 days. Like I said, this is to give the item's manufacturer more time to manufacture more of that item in order to meet demand.


The example about how the fine should work:

If you are selling an item that's (for example) twice as expensive as the original price of the item when bought new, you should be fined twice the amount of your asking price. Basically, the fine should be calculated like how many times the amount of the original price you're selling the item for. And the fine will be multiplied from your price the amount of times of your price was against the original price.

Please excuse my poor explanation, but here's an example of the idea what I'm talking about. Requires some math skills to understand:

(OP = original price, YP = your price, F = fine)
OP = $499, YP = x2 ($998), F = x2 of your price ($1996)
OP = $299, YP = x3 ($897), F = x3 ($2691)
OP = $349, YP = x1,5 ($523,50), F = x1,5 ($785,25)

I hope you agree with me. Because scalpers steal our opportunity to get a highly demanded item (during a time period where it should be available at retail), and then selling it for a higher price to get a profit. This should be illegal!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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