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increase federal research funding for the National Institutes of Health

NIH funding generates more than 350,000 jobs, contributes to our economic growth, and improves human health. Please pass this petition on to your family, friends, and colleagues.

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I am writing to you today to implore you to support the House proposal to increase the 2015 National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget to at least $32 billion. Since the 1930’s, the NIH has been a fundamental supporter of basic biomedical research in the U.S. Funding from the NIH supports research in all 50 states. These awards are made to over 3,000 universities, medical schools, and research institutions, and they support more than 350,000 researchers. NIH funding to basic research has supported findings that were honored by 121 Nobel Prizes, including this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The nonprofit coalition United for Medical Research concluded that funding by the NIH in 2010 produced $68 billion in new economic activity, which is a greater than 100% return on our investment!

Some would argue that the private sector should take over some of the lost funding for academic, basic research. The sad fact is that the private sector does not support the type of basic research that the NIH does; they take the results NIH-funded research and apply it to drug development. In addition, many entities in the private sector are currently slashing their Research & Development (R&D) budgets.

Cutting the NIH budget will not solve our current deficit problem. The NIH budget accounts for a mere ~0.8% of the federal budget and supports scientists in every state. NIH-supported basic biomedical research discoveries create jobs and disease treatments. Supporting the NIH is an investment for ALL of our futures.

Sadly, the NIH budget in recent years has been stagnant, and the current NIH budget only supports half the research it did a decade ago. We can not afford this frightening trend.

Supporting NIH funding is the best decision this country can make to create high technology jobs for our children (increasing our tax base) and to support life-changing medical advances (decreasing health care costs). Funding the NIH is a small investment that pays big dividends for our economy and our future.


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