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Give a tax credit to people who adopt animals from shelters

Give people an annual tax credit of $100 a year (or a graduated amount... $25 for each year you own the same animal) they would be more likely to adopt from shelters.  Please consider sponsoring legislation to give adopters a break.  This would only apply to those who adopt from a government shelter/Animal Control or a registered nonprofit rescue.  This would help the local government agencies by making an adoption more enticing and reducing their numbers of pets requiring medical attention and care.  The legislation would need to include an annual confirmation by an agency veterinarians or animal control that the person still had the pet.  Vets could have a form that indicates the owner is the same and that the vet treats the animal on a regular basis.  Please make adopting more positive.  If we can help to clear out the shelters, mabye we could save some of the 4-5 million that get euthanized annually.  

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