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Congress: Enable Paid Paternity and Maternity Leave to be protected in the workplace

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Enable Paid Paternity and Maternity Leave to be protected in the workplace

I challenge that a mother and a father should be entitled to substantial amounts of paid time off to care for his or her young one for bonding time. In addition women should have additional healing time. The United States culture should consider that if the desired effect is a present man and or woman in a child’s life then the allowance needs to be made for that bonding time after birth. Not to mention that in today's world there are many working families dependent on two incomes. There are many more than when this type of legislation started and companies adopted the concepts. Imagine a family bonding after the newborn comes into this world vs. jumping right back into the hustle-and-bustle of the accepted normal demands. The US needs to update PATERNITY and MATERNITY leave statuses to reflect modern times and follow suit with other countries. To view a current list of country benefits please visit It is obvious that the US needs to reconsider priorities.

While the US does protect up to 12 weeks unpaid leave with the use of FMLA it does not guarantee any form of pay which at this point in parenting is essential in the event that the parents are not using any other forms of public assistance. 

China 98 days 100% United Nations[29] 16 weeks 100% (however, no fewer than 10 weeks must be after delivery, even if the pre-delivery leave was longer due to a late birth)

United Kingdom Currently 39 weeks paid, indefinite delay on planned rise to 52 weeks indefinitely[16] (6 weeks at 90% of full pay and remainder at a flat rate (as of 2011 = £128.73) or 90% of your salary if that is less than the flat rate). This is the statutory minimum; most employers often provide more generous arrangements.

Spain 16 weeks 100%.

France 16 weeks (100%) rising to 26 weeks (100%) for third child[10]

Denmark 52 weeks. 18 to be taken by the mother, 2 weeks by the father, the rest as they see fit.


The US  The only thing covering the US is FMLA, which is unpaid. Below there are a couple states with different views.

United States 3 weeks (CA: 6 weeks 55%, District of Columbia: Requires employers to provide workers with paid days of absence,[19] NJ: 6 weeks 66%, PR: 8 weeks 100%, HI: 58%, NY: 50%)[3][20]

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