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Cut subsidies to fossil fuel companies from the 2013 federal budget

 In this time of financial distress, we cannot afford to be spending billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing companies that have some of the highest profits in human history. With the effects of climate change already being felt around the world, we cannot keep feeding our addiction to these poisonous substances. The looming consequences of an enormous national debt and radical climate change mean that we need to be supporting our communities and our futures, not billion-dollar corporations. Let this be the year that we finally stop spending billions against our own interest and take harmful fossil fuel subsidies out of the 2013 federal budget.

Now is the time to act.  We are calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. We are calling for an end to government spending that is counter to the well-being of our country. We are calling for an end to the burdens that fossil fuel companies place on our communities through tax preferences, subsidies, loopholes, failure of oversight, externalization of costs, and the corruption of our political system.

We are asking all Congressmen and women release public statements of support for removing subsidies to fossil fuel companies from the 2013 federal budget.

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