Congress: Condemn the military coup in Bolivia

Congress: Condemn the military coup in Bolivia

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Evo Morales -- the first indigenous president in the history of majority-indigenous Bolivia -- was forced to resign by the head of the country's armed forces in what is plainly a military coup. 
His resignation came amid widespread reports that his supporters were targeted for attacks and their homes were ransacked
Meanwhile, the Organization of American States and the Trump Administration have repeatedly claimed that Evo Morales' election victory margin of over 10 percent was a result of fraud, but independent analysis of the OAS audit cast serious doubt on its findings.

The governments of Mexico, Uruguay, and president-elect of Argentina have all condemned the military coup, as has the leader of Britain’s Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, and former OAS Secretary General Miguel Insulza.

In the United States, Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar have publicly condemned the coup.
There's a word for the President of a country being pushed out by the military. It’s called a coup. We must unequivocally oppose political violence in Bolivia. Bolivians deserve free and fair elections.
Sign our petition to ask Members of Congress to: 

(1) publicly condemn the coup and call on the U.S. Administration to suspend all assistance to the Bolivian government as required by the Foreign Assistance Act.  

(2) demand that the post-coup regime respect fundamental human rights; and
(3) call for an independent review of the work of the problematic OAS electoral monitoring mission whose claims were used as a pretext for the coup.

6,614 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!