Compel US States to review and amend the Police Union Contracts

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Many states permit police officers to bargain collectively over the terms of their employment, including the content of internal disciplinary procedures. This bargain leads to the formulation of Police Union Contracts which have and continue to serve as barriers to police officer accountability, and ultimately barriers to justice in cases of police brutality. A significant portion of Police Union Contracts include terms which:

1)    Give officers under investigation access to review information and evidence against them in their own case, including witness statements, photos, videos and notes from the internal investigation BEFORE being interrogated.

2)    Erase records of officer’s misconduct, in some cases as little as 6 months.

3)    Prevent officer’s past history of misconduct from being considered in future cases of misconduct.

4)    Restrict interrogations by limiting who can interrogate the officer and what type of questions can be asked.

5)    Disqualify certain complaints due to lapse in time, some as little as 30 days.

6)    Require Cities to pay costs related to police misconduct in the form of paid leave.
Examples of the aforementioned can be seen here.

In the interest of JUSTICE, contracts including these terms must be reviewed and amended to hold abusive police officers accountable for their actions.