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Use the Simpson-Bowles Report to address the federal deficit issue.

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Our politicians are more concerned about their jobs then they are about getting the country on a sound economic footing.  

Here is what some respected parties have recently said on the matter:

Tom Friedman of the NYTimes, in his November 22nd column, said " I believe the best way for Obama to do that [put the country on a sustainable economic recovery path] is by declaring today that he made a mistake in spurning his own deficit reduction commission, chaired by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, and is now adopting Simpson-Bowles — which already has Republican and Democratic support — as his long-term fiscal plan to be phased in after a near-term stimulus. If he did that, he would win politically and create a national consensus that would trump his opponents, right and left."

“I think what happened with Simpson-Bowles was an absolute tragedy,” Warren Buffett said on CNBC last week. “They work like a devil for 10 months. ... They compromise. They bring in people as far apart as [Democratic Senator Dick] Durbin and [Republican Senator Tom] Coburn to get them to sign on and then they’re totally ignored. I think that’s a travesty.”


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