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Improve Access for the Disabled to Handicapped Restrooms

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What Is This Petition About?


This petition is about both private and public businesses being ADA complaint so everyone has access thereby being integrated into society.  Without access, diversity even the handicapped, can not integrate into society in accordance with ADA requirements.


Why Did I Start It? 


I started this petition because I have a disabled son who has to use the handicapped  bathroom which is currently provided under the label Family Restroom with a picture of a person in a wheelchair.  We travel alot on the Turnpike and they have one such bathroom in each plaza.  Unfortunately, the handicapped bathroom is always taken either by a family which is bizarre to me since having a family is not a handicapping condition.  When the family is in the Family/Handicap Restroom the business is denying access to a disabled person and in violation if the Americans with Disability Act(ADA).  Then there are times when he waits to use the handicapped restroom which is occupied by somone who just thinks they are entitled without any disability.  I know because I ask them.  This happen on July 3rd four times to us.  It is mostly insensitive females between the ages of 13-58.  It is torture for my son.  He has sensory integration issues so he is terrified of the women's bathroom because of the hand dryers.  I might add that the elderly women get very upset a teen boy is in the women's bathroom but I am not about to go into the men's bathroom.  That leaves us with the solitary Family/Handicap Restroom that is either occupied by a family or a single women who thinks she is entitled.  So I want to break down the problem which is two pronged in the state of Florida in both private and public businesses which are in non-compliance with the Americans Disability Act and then I will offer suggestions to resolve these issues but I will need your signatures to help the disabled gain access to handicap bathrooms which they are entitled to under the ADA.  Because I do not believe ADA compliance begins and ends when the car is parked in the handicapped parking space.  I believe the ADA compliance follows the individual with disabilities all the way into the handicapped bathroom.  Amazingly, there is only one bathroom but there are always a great deal more parking spaces.  


I am doing this for my son and all people who have a disability.


Probelm One:


In order to be in compliance with the ADA there needs to be atleast (I would suggest more) a bathroom which is designated to be used solely by the handicapped so they can have accessibility.  A handicapped person can not socialize or integrate if they do not even have the basic fundamental right to use a handicap accessible bathroom.  Having a family is not a disability and threfore when a family occupies a handicapped bathroom the private/public entity is consenting to denying access to a disabled person to a ADA mandated handicapped restroom thus in violation of the ADA.  Families of typically developing children can and do use the regular restroom where a handicapped person can not.


Solution:   Have an individual handicapped bathroom and this issue is resolved.




Problem Two:


Mostly non-disabled women use the restroom because it is private.  Trust me I interview these women after I snap their picture coming out of the handicap restroom.  They not only do not have a handicap, they do not know what the ADA is, they do not care that they have denied access to a handicap restroom to an individual with disabilities and they have absolutely every intention of doing it again because they see it as an unenforceable rule.  They not even see their behavior as socially unacceptable.


Solution:  Require anyone who wishes to use the handicap restroom to swipe their driver's license/identity card.  Each individual with disabilities has a disability designation on their license.  Once the reader verifies the disability then the electronic door to the handicapped bathroom will open.  If a person without a disability swipes their card to gain access to the handicap bathroom, and the handicap bathroom starts at the swipe machine, they are guilty of a crime just as if they parked in a handicap parking space.  I will allow the disability advocates to argue how steep the fine and punishment should be but I would recommend it be very punishing and socially stigmatizing.


How Will We Measure Success?


1). Individuals with disability have an exclusive handicap bathroom which does not include families.


2). I would measure success by seeing legislation that held a non-handicapped person criminally liable for using a handicapped restroom and when I see the driver's license scanners on the outside of the handicap restroom doors.







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