Conduct Referendum for Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. Declare Freedom of Tamil Eelam

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Conduct Referendum for Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. Declare Freedom of Tamil Eelam

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KarthiKeyan Ponniah started this petition to Chancellor of Germany and

As many of you heard the name "Mahathma Gandhi" who fought non-violent way to get freedom for India and also "Nethaji Subas Chandra Bose" formed Indian army and fought in a violent way to get freedom with weapons for India.

In Srilanka Tamils are doing a freedom fight struggle.

In Sri Lanka Mr. Chelvanayakam fought in non-violent way for Tamil eelam freedom from 1958 to 1977.

And Mr. Velupillai Prabhakaran started Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to protect Tamil majority terriroties from Sri Lankan army from 1977 to 2009.


LTTE ran their own banks, courts, hospitals, police stations & schools under their self-government in Tamil majority states.

What ever the way for freedom fight. Innocent Tamils in the srilanka wants a peaceful country for themselves.

Tamils are living in many countries with notable population (India, Srilanka, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, UK, USA, Gulf, Australia & Canada).

Tamils are the natives of Srilanka and they want to peacefully co-exist in Sri Lanka. But Sinhala people wants to kill every Tamils in the country and lets others to be uneducated and live as minor race.

During war with LTTE vs Srilankan army. Srilankan army raped plenty of Tamil women with no age bar. And successfully did a huge genocide of Tamils in the island.

Sri Lankan army violated human rights & humanity during war and did war crimes as well.

UN officers were supposed to release the death count in 2009. If they released the total tamil dead people count in war then it could lead UN to send NATO to Sri lanka to stop war.

But UN Officicer Vijay Nambiyar warned UN Human rights officials to not to release the dead counts and falsely accuse LTTE too for killing Tamils.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon recommended a solution that., Lets ask Sri Lankan government to investigate the war crimes and let them to send a report to us.

How a murderer can write facts about his murder?

As UN high officials are acting one sided., Tamils around the world siege UN offices in 12-Feb-2013.

Referendum for Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka is the only solution for Tamils.

UK's Channel 4 released documentary about Srilankan army's war crimes and human right violations in war. More than 150,000 Tamils were killed in Sri Lanka. And srilankan army are still raping and killing children and students till date.

We need UN to conduct Referendum for Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka.
We need UN to allow Tamils around the world to participate in the Referendum.
We need UN to allow ALL Tamil refugees in all countries to participate in the Referendum.

Only solution is Referendum NOT LLRC.

LLRC suggest us to live with rapists & genocide lovers.

Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapakshe conducted this huge genocide & war. Now he personally appointed a council to prepare LLRC. And the world is asking Tamils to live with LLRC? 

Will you let your child and family to live with a sex-offender in same room? 

Respect our freedom fight struggle and conduct Referendum


Please support this petition to be hand overed to High officials of the world to suggest UN to conduct Referendum for Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka.

Tamils won Nobel, Oscars. But Tamil children are being killed and raped by Srilankan army day by day. We need freedom.


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This petition had 800 supporters

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