Condoms on College Campuses

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At Mount St. Joseph University, we are not allowed to hand out condoms on campus due to religious affiliations or even pass out information regarding protecting against STDs if it involves condoms. This is a problem that the majority of Catholic Institutions face. Most public universities, such as University of Cincinnati, go as far as having condom dispensers in their bathrooms. 

There has recently been a significant rise in HIV in the Northern Kentucky area. Scientific studies have proven that, after a rise such as this, AIDS will skyrocket in the years to come. You do not have to use drugs to get HIV! It only takes one person, and then it can spread like wildfire. Not only are we looking to protect from AIDS, but also from other STDs. There have been cases of both chlamydia and gonorrhea on our campus

My goals at Mount St. Joseph are to get a thorough and informative program on campus to educate and bring awareness to safe sex and STD prevention, to be able to pass out condoms in the privacy of our wellness center, and to have a speaker on campus to discuss the outreach of HIV/AIDS in our community and the specific STDs that we struggle with on campus. At the very least, our students deserve to be informed.