Conditions for Animals Need to be fixed here in Houston, like Promised!!!

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Hello Mayor Sylvester Turner & Council Member Dwight Boykins,

I, like many others in Houston have a BIG problem with how things are here for pets and animals in general. And frankly, we are sick and tired of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Turner, I and many other animal lovers voted for you ONLY because you promised in your campaigning that if you were elected you would make Houston a No-Kill City. Well, it's been 2.5 years now. Why are you not keeping your promise? You don't break your promises to your wife and family. So why did you do it to the Houston residents that voted for you? Lots of cities have become No-Kill cities. If they can do it, then Houston can do it. Can I retract my vote because it surely was wasted! Have you been to a shelter on Euthanasia day? I bet not! To see these animals that so desperately want to live and be loved by a family being dragged to the "Kill Room" while they are resisting and fighting being taken to that room. And to see them crying as they are being injected with the meds that are going to kill them. It's very heartbreaking and you should experience it for yourself. I have posted many times on Facebook about this and have tagged your Facebook Page.

Mr. Boykins, What about cleaning up the 3rd Ward? When is that going to happen? It's a very poor area (it's ghetto to be completely honest) and most people there don't care about their animals at all. They are left outside in the blazing sun and heat with no shelter, left in the pouring down rain with no shelter. Some have already died from being left in the straight sun with no shelter or water. Many are tied up on short chains around the neck with just a few feet to eat/sleep/poop & pee and move around. Imagine if that was your world, just a few feet to do everything in? You would refuse to live like that. Well, these animals are not able to refuse because they are being forced to live like this. Many of these animals have wounds where the chains and such are digging into their necks and cutting open the flesh. Maggots and such are getting into these wounds. Most of these animals are not vaccinated or spayed/neutered and these people let them have litters of babies after litter of babies. Most of these animals are fed moldy table scraps that flies are feasting on and it's super gross. Would you want to eat that moldy mess? NO you wouldn't. Most of these animals have absolutely no water to drink. I've personally been to the 3rd Ward to help with some dogs and have seen all of this first hand, like many people who go to the 3rd Ward to help because the City is doing absolutely nothing to clean it up! Mr. Boykins, you are the Council Member that is "supposed" to take care of the 3rd Ward. Why get elected to take care of an area then completely ignore it??

59 & York are very similar to the 3rd Ward and it needs to be cleaned up. Also, this so called Animal Task Force that was recently started is a big joke. Lots of animal rescuers even volunteers/staff in Houston Shelters are saying this. Reports are made and nothing happens.

Now BARC is turning people away because the Director said he needs to keep his Euthanazia %s down! Well, if Houston was a No-Kill City like promised, the shelters wouldn't be killing for space. Now, what is happening already when BARC turns people away is that they are dumping animals on the streets!

STEP UP AND DO YOUR JOBS TO CLEAN UP THE 3RD WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have COUNTLESS pictures and videos taken of animals in the 3rd Ward that are so freaking skinny, without water or food, have mange, are covered in fleas, etc. ACO Randy Farmer thinks that the below dog is okay in his condition even though he's in the sun and without water for days. What is wrong with the Houston Picture? I'm truly embarrassed to say that I live in Houston, TX!


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