Condemn the action of a group of students who assaulted mediapersons.

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Condemn the action of a group of students who assaulted mediapersons.

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Justice N V Ramana (Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Andhra Pradesh) and

Why this petition matters

Andhra Pradesh has the maximum number of television news channels not only in India but also in the entire world. The ratings and the importance of these channels show how reliable and responsible the media is in Andhra Pradesh. They never restore to cheap and lowly tactics. There is self-monitoring desk as well as the important organization NBA that keeps monitor on all the channels content.

Andhra Pradesh electronic media journalists' association is aghast with the attitude of a small group of students who in inebriated state not only abused but also assaulted media persons on duty on very late hours of April 11, 2013. More shocking was that these students hail from a very reputed university – the Nalsar University of Law in Hyderabad.

They are now alleging that the TV news Channels in AP have projected them in a wrong manner. And now these students are running campaigning in social network against AP news channels.

This petition is important, as the TV news channels in Andhra Pradesh do not want to use TV news as a platform to counter the allegations but raise the voice through this petition to all concerned persons. TV news channels want concerned persons to understand the facts and sign this petition. The need is to condemn the students’ action and advise them to concentrate on studies and career rather than losing their temper after a few drinks and abusing people in public.

This petition simply asks few questions to the concerned persons before condemning the act –

1. A small group of students in inebriated state get into tussle with media persons who are covering violation of Pub rules in Hyderabad.
2. When passerby’s and media persons question their behavior. They get violent and hurl abusive words and try to physically assault not only the media persons but also the public who were trying to resolve the issue.
3. When the media covers the unruly behavior – these students not only fabricate the story but also launch online campaign defaming media in the name of cheap publicity.
4. Media raised voice on what kind of culture these students are getting into.
5. Calling media news as voyeuristic just to cover up their actions is strongly condemned by Andhra Pradesh Electronic Media Journalists' Association.

We want all to know that by launching online campaign a group of students cannot hide the facts. Andhra Pradesh Electronic Journalists' Association wants these students to understand that facts cannot be fabricated and visuals do not speak lie. Each and every citizen concerned about the society should sign this petition and condemn the action of a handful of students.

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This petition had 132 supporters

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