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Conde Nast Publications: print your magazines on recycled paper

Condé Nast Publications has been more reluctant than most other U.S. publishers to have a dialogue about their paper choices and policy - they don't include any comment or note about their paper usage and don't have any clear standards. Their readers don't know that they're destroying forests for printed disposable magazines such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Vogue, GQ, Details, Wired and many other titles. Although some of Condé Nast's talented writers publish pieces about environmental destruction and climate change, Condé Nast hasn't come clean about what natural resources they use. Deforestation and pollution are direct threats to our survival today - demand that Condé Nast switch to recycled paper & ecologically-conscious printing practices, and inform consumers about these practices. Condé Nast could follow in the footsteps of many high-quality magazines that use recycled paper- for instance, The Better Paper Project is a non-profit that works with magazines to help them switch to recycled paper and satisfy their financial, social and environmental commitments. Condé Nast could become a leader in the magazine industry if they take action.

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