Save The Capitol Center for the Arts Contract for the Concord School District

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For years the Concord School District has used the Capitol Center for the Arts as a place for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers to perform all types of concerts from Band to Orchestra and even Chorus. We the people here in Concord want the Concord School District to change their minds about cutting their contract with the Capitol Center for the Arts because of the opportunity and education that each student learns from performing there. From the moment you step on that stage you feel like a star and that is something that almost no one will feel when they leave the school system. If we lose the contract with the Capitol Center for the Arts students from elementary up will have to perform almost every concert inside the schools gym which from years of experience performing in a huge gym with no A/C becomes a dangerous situation where the room become 90 degrees or more. With the unbearable heat and the terrible acoustics the students and parents on the edge of their seat this make the parents wonder why their son or daughter are in such a low grade music department that they have to stay in a room that is so hot that they can't even enjoy seeing their daughter or son playing or singing their heart out. With cutting this contract the School District will only be saving roughly $10,000 in their budget which is a very small amount and a small price to pay to have kids and teens enjoy their time when they perform what they have been working so very hard for months on end. In conclusion we hope that by you signing this petition we can save this contract and keep the Capitol Center so that we may play our hearts and souls out in the place that has been known for its great music and talents.

I am currently a worker for the Concord School District and have watched the meetings that is how I know of this. The District is looking for peoples input on the cuts so please voice your opinion. The final verdict on the budget cuts is this up coming Monday at Dewy School near CHS. In the mean time we must keep getting supporters so that we can show them how much we care. Also I have named myself as, "Anonymous Bystander" to keep my identity safe because after all I am just a Anonymous Bystander who is looking to make a change.

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