Remove Superintendent Terri Forsten and Principal Tom Sica in Concord! No Confidence!

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This is a peaceful petition. The authors believe in nonviolence to get our message across.   This petition is open to Concord residents,  sending districts, students and alumni. The Concord, NH community has been consistently and critically let down by CSD Administration. We need a change in Leadership! There is a culture of assault in our District and it needs to STOP!  The CSD has consistently demonstrated that it does not believe students who report serious and sometimes criminal activity. We,the undersigned, demand that the School Board take a vote of "No Confidence" in Superintendent Terri Forsten at the September 3, 2019 meeting. 

 According to Concord Monitor reports:

  • A student was suspended for reporting suspicious behavior of a staff member.
  • While a teacher was being investigated  he was allowed to continue working in the schools from Dec-March, putting children in harm's way. 
  • In another instance students reported the same teacher who was later arrested had been kissing a student in his car.
  • The same Special Education teacher, Primo "Howie" Leung, was arrested for Aggravated Felonious Sexual assault of a minor. 
  • Another student reported sexual assault on a school bus and lives with daily trauma. 

NONE of these events were IMMEDIATELY reported to police or DCYF in accordance with NH law RSA 169C, which mandates the ALL are Mandatory Reporters.  If we can't trust the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent to report, who can we trust to keep our kids safe?

Students and parents have reported that no action was taken against relentless bullying. A child with a disability said she was badly bullied and her car was vandalized. Nothing was done. Parents reported in a school board meeting that they have had to remove their children from school to protect them due to the inaction of the Administration.

In a letter  to staff dated Aug 22, 2019 Superintendent Forsten calls reports and articles (several written by concerned parents) one sided and "dribbles of negativity".  This is tone deaf and reflects a complete lack of appreciation for what these students have experienced.  It similarly shows ignorance:one assault is too many and rarely is there just one. 

Rather then accepting responsibility, blame is being inappropriately deflected to the media and concerned parents. Leaders accept accountability. Failure to accept accountability reflects on a poor Leader. This district deserves strong, informed leadership.

In order for students and parents to feel that their children are safe, we must be able to TRUST in our District Leaders to ensure that:

Student Safety Always Comes First

Believe,Support, and Empower Students and  in Our Community

Change the Culture of the District and the Board so students AND teachers feel safe and empowered to speak up without fear of retaliation. 

Transparency in the Independent Investigation is Critical

*Any Superintendent is an Employee of the Board*


The only way forward is new Leadership to rebuild the trust of the community. Please vote for No Confidence in Terri Forsten, District Superintendent. 

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