Curfew for Teens at Concord Mills Mall

Curfew for Teens at Concord Mills Mall

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Simon Property Group Inc.

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Started by Sanida Sabanija

We all watched with horror as Concord Mills Mall got evacuated over the past September 2017 weekend. We now know that this was due to unsupervised underage children. The only way we know to save this mall from becoming one of many Simon malls that has turned into a non family friendly environment is to demand a curfew be implemented by Simon Property Group.

Please sign this petition to bring forth focus to this much needed change  for all unsupervised teens in Concord Mills Mall past 6:00 PM. 




Thank you to everyone who has shared and signed this petition. I knew I was not alone and that our community would band together to get his problem fixed.

I spoke to Public Relations person at Simon Property Group 1 317 636 1600. HIs name was Less Morris. He informed me that Simon Property Group does not do curfews, but rather more "appropriate practices" such as speaking to parents and handing out pamphlets informing them of rules of conduct. I informed Mr. Morris that the incidents that occurred at the mall this past weekend were not isolated by any means, but rather fairly common. I also informed him of our community petition.

Concord Mills Mall is a private property, so therefore our City officials hands are tied in a lot of ways. Our Police Dept. is doing a wonderful job and crime rate decrease is proof of that.

If you disagree with SImon Property Groups intention on how to handle the increase of incidents at the mall and you'd like to let them know the number is above.

11,666 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!