Wheelchair users deserve equal and fair access to concerts

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How would you feel if you had purchased the best tickets in the venue for a concert, only to be told that you must instead sit at the back in the segregated section of the venue? That is exactly what happened to Marlena Katene who was kicked out of Pink’s VIP Zone for being a wheelchair user. This left her not only in danger due to the situation she was placed in, but also left her excluded and discriminated against.

You can find out more about Marlena and her story here: https://www.facebook.com/Studio10au/videos/956552841219817/

But Marlena’s story is not the only one. We know there are many, many more people from around Australia who have experienced similar discrimination while attending concerts. And this needs to change.

Wheelchair users should have access to standing and general admission areas. We should have access to floor seats and floor areas. We should be able to purchase tickets in all price ranges, levels and locations. We have a right to make that choice, a choice which we should not have to fight to make.

We are not asking for special treatment, we just want equal and fair access. This is reasonable treatment which we should expect to receive as human beings.

If you agree with this and would like to assist in putting a stop to this discrimination, please sign this petition in order to ensure that concert venues understand just how many people these discriminatory policies and attitudes effect.

If you have a story to tell about how you have been discriminated against at a concert or would like to contact us regarding this advocacy battle please email Rebecca Evans at revans.ydan@gmail.com. Stories and comments can be kept anonymous on request but may be used in discussions and consultations with concert venues.