Concerns over which ICSI should immediately take action

Concerns over which ICSI should immediately take action

6 January 2019
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President ICSI (The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI))
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Started by Lucky Khatri

This is with reference to the captioned subject and on the behalf of numbers of students who are suffering from various concerns.

At the outset, we all know that Institute of Company Secretaries of India (hereinafter referred to as "ICSI") is not just a Name or Logo, it's a Dream of countless number of people who wants to become one of the members of this Prestigious Institute. Further it is not out of course to say that the identity of ICSI is known from its Members and Students because without them ICSI will only be an INSTITUTE and not a FAMILY.

The main objective of writing this Petition is to make you aware that students currently pursuing CS course or who may take admission in future are losing their trust in ICSI (due to the reasons stated below) and if the same carried on in the same fashion, it will undoubtedly affect the image of ICSI and Country as a whole.

It is to bring to your kind notice about the reasons why I am saying so. There are number of points I want to capture in my present Petition however, due to importance of availability of your time I have captured only those points which are most vital to be consider by our institute immediately upon reading of this Petition.

1. Although lots of efforts has been made and concern official working really hard however, ICSI is unable to provide updated study materials and/or supplementary materials on time to help student appearing at different levels of exams; The aforesaid material should be available on the portal of ICSI so that student can understand how to write examination and improve required skills to write the papers.

2. I know we as a student cannot say but in December, 2018 attempt the papers of 1st Module of Professional Programme were so lengthy and out of syllabus, students put in their whole efforts which bear no fruits.

3. Officials of ICSI focusing too much on Advance Company Law paper which is always lengthy and most students unable to attempt the same within the duration of 3 hours as provided. The same should be based on our intellectualness and interpretation skills instead of writing stuff.

4. There was a question no. 6(a) in Due Diligence Paper that “Section 3(1) of the Competition Act, 2002 prohibits five types of agreements between companies. Briefly explain those agreements.” It was completely a drafting mistake as these five agreements are given under Section 3(4) of the Competition Act, 2002.

5. We have competent officials in house and do not require to take reference from the material of other institute as Corporate Restructuring paper was completely unbelievable. There were 15 to 20 marks questions in Valuation part which was out of syllabus and from ICAI practice manual & ICMAI Practice Paper. Rest of the questions were also unexpected.

6. Considering above, it can be said that if we are keep setting our paper from the manual provided by the other institute it will definitely harm the dignity of ICSI and Students also. This should also taken into consideration.

7. ICSI should provide Practice Papers and suggested Answers in every attempt so that every student can be benefited. This has been a concern from long time.

8. I must say ICSI have made foremost efforts however most students do not get quick and reliable response from ICSI officials and form the telephone directory provided on the portal.

9. As a student we are working really hard throughout the year but do not get much time in between papers at different level to even Re-revise our notes/books completely. This is good as a professional exam however, affecting the studies of number of students. Accordingly, 1 or 2 days gap should be provided between exams i.e., in each subsequent paper so that whatever we have studies throughout the year can be revised in the meantime.

10. 10 to 15 minutes time should be provided before the timing so that we can read the paper(s) in exam hall as it consumes 15 minutes to read the whole question paper and start writing papers on the ring of bell.

11. There is no transparency on paper checking system. There are so many students who didn't get marks even if he/she had written complete answers.

12. How an old syllabus student will get 50 marks i.e. Passing Marks for Old Syllabus in Corporate Restructuring, out of 100 marks if ICSI will ask 15-20 marks questions from out of syllabus.

13. If it's all about to maintain the demand and supply ratio in the market then there should strictly be limited seats. No entrance should be given after the seats are filled.

These are only few of the many causes by which Students are not getting the confidence in ICSI and these issues are only at Students level.

I know the efforts made by the official of ICSI do not seen at large does not mean they are not working however, I would humbly request to consider above mentioned points and implement it at the earliest.

There are lot more issues at training time, during membership, in getting jobs, salary packages, name lending, no reform platforms to redress the grievances etc.

Further, initially we are requesting to take actions on these issues.

We do understand that 100% results can’t be promised, but we shall have marks for the content and answers we write, however we request you to give full marks in the Valuation practical questions which were out of syllabus and also for the questions which are having drafting errors.

We, the student’s fraternity are eagerly waiting for your positive response, a response for a better future, which will resolve this issue.


This petition made change with 1,974 supporters!

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