Request to modify Alvin ISD Dress Code

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A student in Alvin Independent School District recently got put into ISS as punishment for refusing to take off his makeup when asked. Alvin ISD has a dress code policy in place that includes several gender biased policies such as preventing boys from wearing makeup and earrings (both things that girls are allowed to wear). These policies are based entirely on outdated and sexist gender standards. Prohibiting boys from wearing makeup because makeup is “only for girls” also prohibits them from expressing themselves in what is supposed to be a safe environment. A boy wearing makeup should not be considered any more distracting than a girl wearing makeup. These policies harm young boys by telling them that they are not allowed to participate in the same forms of self expression that girls are, simply because they are boys. This has to change. We are asking for Alvin ISD to review and modify their dress code so that it is free of gender discrimination.