Remove South Big Horn County Hospital District Board Members

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 Due to the lack of willingness by Board Members to address the concerns of the community, a petition is circulating to residents of the South Big Horn County Hospital District asking for the voluntary resignation of Board Members who are not responsive to community concerns. Please sign this petition which states a vote of no confidence in Board Members.

The paper petition states:

Referendum Petition

We, the undersigned, being electors of the Board of Directors of the South Big Horn County Hospital District Board hereby petition that the following board members resign from their Board position(s) due to no confidence in their ability to govern in the best interests of the special hospital district and the community. We ask that Jeff Grant, Sue Antley, and Mitch Shellhammer resign immediately from their term(s) of office in the best interest of the community. Should they refuse to voluntarily resign, we ask that the State Attorney General remove them from their positions due to lack of moral turpitude.

The letter to the editor of the local newspaper includes the following:

Community members have tried talking to individual Board Members. They have attended board meetings to voice concerns and ask questions regarding the practices of the current administrator.  Those attempts have been shut down by people that we elected to represent us as hospital board members. The board is not providing adequate governance.

SBHCHD is supported in part by mill levy funds that were voted on by the public and paid for out of property tax money.  Mill levies that support the hospital are roughly $600,000 per year.  If you have received a letter terminating you as a patient and prohibiting you from being seen as a patient at the clinic or at the hospital and you own property, your money is being used to support a health care facility that you cannot use. How is that fair?  Board Members must be replaced with people who are responsive to community and staff concerns.  If Board Members choose to not resign despite the signatures on the petition from the registered voters who elected them, then it is possible that they can be removed through a process through the Governor and the State Attorney General.

Board members have repeatedly demonstrated that they are insensitive and uncaring to public and staff concerns. People present at the board meeting in February 2017 know what really happened there and how the incident was spun into a fairy tale by members of the board and the current administrator in the local newspapers. The board has since shut down public comments at board meetings and limited public response.

The atmosphere of fear among staff can be felt when patients enter what was once a cheerful place filled with staff who were your neighbors and friends, who attended your church, who belonged to the groups and clubs you attend. How many people do you know are no longer employed at SBHCHD since John Adlesich became the administrator? Please sign the petition stating a vote of no confidence for Board Members of South Big Horn County Hospital District.

Please sign the petition. Be a voice for change.

Thank you.



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