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Prohibit Tore Maras-Lindeman from running for Mayor in Minot, ND.

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A petition is being started because it is felt that this individual is a concern for the well being of our city and the people that reside within it. Due to harassment using multiple pages (via social media platforms: twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn name a few), libel, lying about city officials and claiming several credentials that have been proved to be false, including that of “Stolen Valor”. A number of concerned citizens would like this shut down before anymore damage can possibly be done. 

The intent is not to harm this individual. We heard them out and actually see the potential in the policies in which they want to implement, however, the position (Mayor) being sought after puts our residents at risk. We fear retaliation. We fear for the financial standing for our city and what it could mean for the residents within it and are not comfortable with someone in office that lacks transparency. 

Several of us concerned citizens have contacted them on their social media campaign page, educating them on such things as tax laws and how they work, only to be personally attacked in such a manner that said citizens were accused of being pedophiles. Citizens asking questions, regarding their credentials have been blocked/banned/attacked through their several social media accounts. 

Latest and greatest attempt to get concerned citizens silenced is filing a harassment charge with the Minot Police Department against several people tied to allegations such as harassing her child at school, attempting to put rat poisoning in their food, and threatening her life. 

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