Stop the Homeless Shelter in Briarwood, Queens

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The Dept. of Social Services has proposed a Homeless Shelter in the heart of our neighborhood at 172-50 Queens Boulevard.  This location is completely inappropriate at this location.  First, this location is within a block of a Liquor Store and immediately adjacent to a Marijuana Dispensary.

Immediately around the corner are 275 families in apartments along the Van Wyck Expressway Service Road.  Less than two blocks away are numerous other large apartment buildings with approximately 500  families in 5 buildings, not to mention all the single and two family dwellings within a the immediate area. This location is immediately across the street from the only supermarket in the entire community, where hundreds of families will have to walk past this location to get to the supermarket.    As per my conversations with numerous business owners on Queens Boulevard in the immediate area,  they are devastated.  After the impact of Covid 19, which is obviously still having an enormous effect on their businesses, now the plans for a Homeless Shelter in the heart of the neighborhood,  right across the only supermarket in the neighborhood (Key Food) will undoubtedly create an unnecessary additional burden to this neighborhoods stability.   We will  vehemently oppose this use at this location.  Be clear, we are NOT against providing shelters for homeless persons,  we recognize that this is an extremely important need in this City and the Country.  This need and the proposed location of a shelter should not DESTROY a neighborhood !