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Change needed at Midland Animal Shelter

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To the Mayor of Midland, City Council and the Powers that Be:

We, Citizens of Midland and beyond, are sick to death of having to witness, over and over, the death of innocent animals at the Midland Animal Shelter. Rescues are working tirelessly to get these dogs out only to have them get sick and die at their new rescue.

A little over a year ago $500,000 was spent on a remodel of the shelter. The kennels were gutted and new walls, doors and floors put in. It didn’t take long at all for the floors to start peeling and dogs started to get sick. A half of million dollars and a year later and dogs are STILL getting sick and dying. From what we have ascertained, no new ventilation system was installed with this money which is a HUGE factor in this viscous circle.

This problem has gone farther than just the fact that dogs are dying on a daily basis. Rescues depend on others to share their posts about the dogs, but people have backed WAY off from sharing anything from the Midland Animal Shelter. It has become the shelter to be scorned and ridiculed. Unfortunately, it is the shelter itself and its workers who take the hit, but they are NOT to blame. We realize their hands are tied, because YOU, have effectively tied them.

With all the money that Midland has, the state of the shelter is a source of embarrassment. We have heard councilmen call Midland a “Progressive City” but in the terms of the shelter, the correct term would be “Regressive.”

You refuse to pass any kind of spay/neuter ordinances, there are no breeding restrictions. Back yard breeders are inbreeding for money and we are ending up with throwaway pups, pups with gross deformities and health problems.

It is no wonder rescues work tirelessly to get dogs OUT of Texas to states that actually have laws, that they actually enforce, and don’t have the problems we do here. There was an article on completing the loop a couple of days ago, and it projected that Midland growth would continue over the next 10 years. The antiquated shelter can no longer handle any more growth!

It is time to move into THIS century. Kennels should be built that have both indoor and outdoor access. As it is right now, the dogs get hardly, IF ANY, outside time, which goes a LONG way in their declining health. This shelter is no longer adequate to handle the amount of dogs that come through there and it is the City of Midland’s responsibility to make sure the supply meets the demand.

The focus needs to be put on the animals at the shelter who are dying daily from distemper, NOT on rescues who are trying to clean up the mess that the city is making! 

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