Stop Viva Method of Terminal Examinations

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A few days ago, COMSATS University Islamabad announced that terminal examinations of the ongoing semester will be conducted through online viva method. It's not a hidden fact that our universities either it is COMSATS or any other university have failed badly in providing quality education in online classes. Being a students of professional degrees involving conceptual subjects we hardly understand the concepts because of poor online education system. 

Even we understand some of the concepts delivered in online classes it is very difficult for a student to revise a concept and respond to teachers in a few seconds. We need sometime to go through all the things in our mind and decide what would be the right option because of number of concepts mixing in our minds. 

A viva is much like an interview, you are confused and nervous and the university officials are going to decide your future in a few seconds and this is nothing but violation of students' rights. We want university officials to stop this method of online examination and switch to other methods as every other university in Pakistan and all over the world is doing. We don't want our futures to be ruined by the decisions of some university officials, the officials who don't give a damn about students' grade and future. 

We request COMSTS University Islamabad to review this decision and switch to some easy approach. So that students can go for their terminal examinations with confidence.

We also request Higher Education Commission Pakistan, Pakistan Engineering Council, Minister of Science and Technology Pakistan, Minister of Education Pakistan to ensure the decision that is in the favour of students, a decision that secures their future.