Comprehensive Gun Law on 2 Pages

Comprehensive Gun Law on 2 Pages

September 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by dennis Neeley

Comprehensive Gun Law on 2 Pages

September 7, 2022

The Federal Law

The purpose of the “Comprehensive Gun Law” – The purpose of the “Comprehensive Gun Law” is to reduce the massive casualties we are experiencing with the use of automatic guns and to reduce all gun violence with common sense regulations on the possession and use of all guns.  The penalties under this law are Federal penalties and the prosecution will be done in Federal courts.

1.        Permitted Guns - The US government will ban, buy back, and confiscate all automatic guns of private citizens.  Only single shot, lever action and bolt action rifles, single shot and pump action shotguns and revolver handguns (“guns”) can be owned or possessed by private citizens.  Maximum ammunition capacity for rifles and shot guns is five bullets or cartridges.  Maximum ammunition capacity for revolvers is 6 bullets (interchangeable cylinders are not allowed).  An individual can not own more than 5 permitted guns.

2.       The Gun Ban – The ban will be immediate upon passage of the law.  Citizens have 6 months after passage to turn in banned guns.   All banned guns will be destroyed or provided to law enforcement for their use.   Possession of banned guns after the six-month grace period will result in a minimum fine of $5,000 and a minimum 1 month in jail per gun.  The use of banned guns upon passage of this law (for any reason including self-protection, hunting and target shooting) will result in a minimum 12-month jail sentence in addition to any penalties if other laws were broken.

3.       Gun Buy Back – The US Government will buy back during the 6-month grace period all banned guns turned in for three times the MSRP (prices as published on January 1, 2022) of the gun.  Any new gun brought to market after January 1, 2022, will be priced at the MSRP of a similar gun.

4.       Confiscation – Any guns not turned in during the grace period will be confiscated when found, mandatory fines and jail time imposed.  Guns confiscated after the grace period will not qualify for the paid “buy back”.

5.       Exceptions – This law does not apply to active US Military, and active police officers.

6.       “Red Flag” – “Red Flag” laws will be active in all States, districts and territories.  Family members, household members and police officers can petition the court to have guns removed from individuals determined to be dangerous to themselves and/or others.

7.       Gun Purchases – Gun purchases may only take place from registered gun dealers.  There is a one-time Federal fee of $50.00 and a 30-day waiting period while a background check (mental health, social media postings, talks) by the US Government is conducted on all sales and transfers.   Prior to picking up a new gun the buyer must present evidence of taking and passing a 15-hour gun training class on the laws, gun safety, and first aid.  Gun manufacturer and serial numbers will be recorded to the individual purchasing the gun.  Private citizens wishing to give or sell a gun to another private citizen (transfer ownership) must process the sale through a registered gun dealer for a fee of $50.00 payable to the registered gun dealer.  The 30-day waiting period, and proof of training applies to these transfers, the registered gun dealer will hold the gun during this time period.

8.       Guns Used During a Crime – When a gun is used in a crime, not by the registered owner, the registered owner will be guilty of not securing their gun and fined $5,000 and a 30-day jail sentence.  If a gun is stolen from the registered owner and the owner has filed a report with the police, the registered owner will have no responsibility.  When any gun is used in a crime there will be a mandatory minimum $5,000 fine (greater if imposed by the court) and minimum 6 months in jail (greater if imposed by the court) added to any other sentences imposed for the crime.

9.       Securing Guns – Guns must be stored in a locked gun safe, stored with trigger locks, or have biometric paring to only allow the registered owner to fire the gun.  Guns found to not be properly stored after the 6-month grace period will be confiscated without reimbursement and the person in possession of the gun will be fined $500 minimum per gun confiscated.  If this person is not the registered owner, then the registered owner will also be fined $500 minimum per gun.  Guns being transported need to be in locked gun cases or with trigger locks.

10.   Ammunition – Hollow point and armor piercing ammunition is prohibited.  Existing hollow point and armor piercing ammunition will be bought back at four times original cost.  Prohibited ammunition will be confiscated after the 6-month grace period when found with no reimbursement.

11.   Existing Permitted Guns – Private citizens currently in possession of guns must register their guns during the 6-month grace period if they are not already registered to the individual.  Guns not registered within the 6-month period will be confiscated when discovered and the individual in possession of the gun will be fined a minimum of $300 per gun.  Private citizens must show proof of taking and passing a 15-hour training class within the first 12 months of the passage of this law.  Individuals not taking and passing the training will have their guns confiscated and held until they take and pass the training.

12.   Gun Use – Gun owners of registered and permitted gun types may use them for on property/residence protection, hunting, target practice, firing ranges and sport shooting without restrictions.

13.   Collectors Guns – All guns considered collector guns that do not fall within the “permitted guns” categories must be made inoperable.

14.  Approved Manufactures – Only approved manufacturers may produce guns and ammunition sold in the US.  Guns without manufactures names and serial numbers engraved onto the guns are illegal, guns containing any parts machined by a non-approved manufacturer are illegal.  Illegal guns will be confiscated, and the person in possession of the gun will be fined a minimum $5,000 and spend a minimum of 30 days in jail for each illegal gun.  Illegal guns must be turned in during the 6-month grace period.  Illegal guns not turned in will be “banned” guns with the same penalties of banned guns.

15.  Open and Concealed Carry – Open carry of any gun is not permitted except at shooting ranges, while hunting and remote target practice sites, never in public spaces.  Concealed carry is permitted with a permit issued by an approved government agency.

16.   Body Armor – Body armor will be banned, there is no reason for a private citizen to have body armor.  When body armor is found it will be confiscated and destroyed.

17.   Trade Organizations, Manufacturers, Citizens Groups, Corporations, and Individuals promoting the use, manufacture or ownership of guns (“lobbyists”) will have the following restriction – No money, trips, gifts, donations, meals or any other form of payment may be made to any local, state or federal employee, elected or appointed official, volunteer working with local, state or federal organizations, or any individual that is associated with any organization that receives public funds.  Violation of this law will result in fines of $50,000 and 6 months in jail to all parties violating the law for each occurrence.

18.  Mental Illness, Social Media and Talks – Existing gun owners may have mental illness, postings on internet sites or videos of intentions to use guns illegally.  When law enforcement agencies discover any of these conditions, they must remove guns in possession of the individual and provide therapy and/or counselling.  

19.   Funding – Funding will be by the Federal Government.  The Federal Government will provide the funds to: 1) Cover the costs of individuals that are jailed under this law.  2) The costs of therapy or/or counselling, 3) The costs of the “buy back” program, 4) Costs of local and state police and agencies for their actions in enforcing the Law.  






Who should like this law?

All citizens, including school children, teachers, law enforcement – The current laws have resulted in a society in the US that is afraid.  Every day the fear grows with repeated mass shootings, armed robberies, and drive by shootings.  Anything less than a complete ban on guns will not completely end gun violence, but the US is not going to accept that solution at this time in our history.  The laws proposed in the” Comprehensive Gun Law” will dramatically reduce gun violence while allowing gun owners to still keep permitted guns.

Gun owners – Most gun owners do not have automatic rifles, they have hunting rifles and shot guns.  While this law will ban some rifles and shot guns when the owners of the banned rifles and shot guns turn in their banned rifles and shot guns, they will be paid three times the retail price of the rifle and shot gun and will have the funds to purchase new permitted rifles and shot guns.  Automatic handguns will be banned.  When the banned handgun is turned in the owner will be paid three times the retail value of the banned guns and will be able to purchase new permitted revolvers.  Gun owners are appalled with the mass shootings, armed robberies and drive by shootings using automatic weapons that cause high death rates.  This law will help reduce deaths by guns in the US.

NRA and Gun Manufacturers – The NRA and gun manufacturers promote the use and sales of guns.  This law will result in increased sales of new guns as replacements for banned guns.  New purchasers of guns will still have a massive list of approved guns to select from.

Politicians – Politicians react to many forces, the voters, lobbyists, public pressure, money.  There is growing pressure for gun law reforms, and a majority of voters are for change, but lobbyists and money contributions have crippled any meaningful changes to decrease gun violence.  If the NRA, politicians, and gun manufacturers see this “Comprehensive Gun Law” to their advantage then enactment will be easy, if they do not then it will be up to the citizens of the US to vote out politicians standing in the way of enactment of this law.

The Second Amendment

This proposal does not ban all guns, only those that were designed for war and those that can fire massive amounts of bullets in a short time.  Current gun laws already ban specific guns (50 caliber machine guns, plastic guns, sawed off shotguns), this proposal expands the list but still allows for the ownership of guns.   


The United States today is in a state of gun violence fear, these fears are new and did not exist 40 years ago.  1) Parents are not sure if their children will return from school.  2) Families at picnics, fairs, large gatherings, shopping malls, churches know being shot is a real possibility.  3) Killers are both selectively and randomly targeting individuals, no one is safe.  4) Law enforcement knows that they may encounter criminals with weapons of war that “massively out guns them”.  While some criminals and mentally ill individuals may be stopped before they can take action most of the mass shootings today are not stopped until after the killing has ended.  The killers have easy access to guns that can kill scores of people in a minute.  A comprehensive law is necessary to get the United States out of this mass causality gun violence mess.  There is no doubt that some citizens will not like this law, but a majority of the citizens will welcome this law.  A minority of citizens can be found that do not like many laws, but laws are put in place to protect the majority.  The “Comprehensive Gun Law” is all inclusive.  Piece meal approaches to ending gun violence have all failed, the killing is increasing each year.

This paper will be published.  But this paper is just some words on a piece of paper or electronic text.  The “Comprehensive Gun Law” will only have any value if you read it, like the ideas, pass it along to others and support its passage and implementation.  Most importantly there is a chance that you are, or know people, in positions of power, the President, mayors, legislators, CEO’s, financers, religious leaders, the NRA, gun manufacturers, actors, the news media, etc. that can get this paper in front of decision makers and large numbers of citizens of the United States who can collectively apply the pressure on those that can make it happen.  The pressure must be massive and ongoing on a daily basis.  We have all seen massive marches and protests, they happen and then fade away.  This is a different approach, the hope is that a “ground swell” of constant and growing pressure reported upon daily by newspapers, network news, legislators, and citizen to citizen discussions can result in the beginning of a real action.  There are many challenges in the United States, gun violence, healthcare, homelessness, environment and scores of others.  The “Comprehensive Gun Law” is simple to understand and will make a significant impact in solving one of our major problems that affect all of us.  With your support this can happen.

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Signatures: 58Next Goal: 100
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