Compensate University of Warwick Students for Strike Action

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Students of University of Warwick started this petition to the University of Warwick 

We, the undersigned students of the University of Warwick,

Demand compensation of 10% of our Tuition Fees for every paying student who loses contact time due to the strike action from the 22nd of February to the 16th of March 2018.

We, the students of the University of Warwick, feel that it is fair and just that we are compensated for the loss of 14 days of our education. The proposed strikes (10% of teaching time in an academic year, 27 weeks x 5 days = 135 days) is unjustifiable and will be extremely damaging to the students whose courses are canceled in the strike. Many lectures and seminars have already been canceled without notification. Some students claim that most of their modules have been canceled. We, the students of University of Warwick are suffering from both economic loss and mental anxiety.

Mathematically, this equates to 
- EU Student Fees:( 10% of £8170 - £9 250) = Approximately: £ 900
- Overseas Student Fees: (10% of £18 330 – £23460) = Approximately: £1900 to £2400

If the University is unable to reimburse us for the service we are paying for, something needs to be done in order to alleviate the consequences of the strike.

This is not to suggest that we, as students at UoW, are not in full support of the strike and we, of course, stand in solidarity with our tutors and lecturers alike. However, this support does not overshadow the serious disruption this will cause to our studies. Our rights have already been strongly violated. If we cannot get the deserved financial and educational reimbursement, the reputation of the university will be strongly damaged among current and future students. We, students of UoW, will also take further action.