Compensate Black African WW2 veterans who received 3 times less for their service

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In June the Defence Minister at the time said that Black African WW2 veterans, that were only paid one third of what was paid to their white counterparts, will not be given compensation. 

This screams from the highest levels of the UK that we are less equal.

My uncle served in World War 2. He is no longer with us. It hurts our family to know that the Government does not recognize his contribution to the Army, and feels that the life that he and others like him put on the line for this country, are worth significantly less. 

That’s why I’m calling on the Defence Minister Ben Wallace to overturn the decision and to investigate and compensate the Black WW2 veterans that risked their lives and shed their blood for this country.

The Defence Minister said a full investigation would require “extensive resources”and that there are “competing demands” across government departments. If we are to believe that we live in a Britain that is turning its back on racism, the Government needs to take action now and put this right.

The Government's decision fails to recognise the sacrifice of those hundreds of thousands of Africans that fought alongside their British counterparts. It means those Black African veterans are not worth any effort to equally recognize their contribution. The lessons of the Windrush scandal that broke last year have not been learnt. Catastrophic messages are being sent.

Other governments are working to take responsibility and put things right. The Dutch train company NS in recent days is paying around €50m compensation to survivors from the groups of Jewish people that were ferried by their trains, often to certain death during WW2.

Words are cheap. We all have the duty to show through our actions that we reject racism. Please sign this petition.

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