Compel the City of Windsor to review the Police Complaint of firefighter Mr. Kim Elliott

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On a Winter night in March of 1997, as a first class firefighter with the City of Windsor - Fire and Rescue Department I am four of my younger relatives (two nephews and two cousins) were apprehended and violently attacked without just cause. The incident was racially motivated in that, without proclaiming to arrest me, the lead officer yelled at me "go back to your own country" prior to forcefully pushing me, grabbing me in the chest by my coat, and attempting to punch me in the face.

Only when I, and my nephew who was struck by a 2nd officer, resisted their violent attack did the officers, and many others who arrived on the scene, attempt to arrest us. Prior this miscarriage of justice we and our other relatives had not committed any public disturbance of the peace, nor any other illegal act of any kind. Yet once hand cuffed all five (5) of us were systematically beaten about the face with their night sticks, knocked to the ground, then kicked about the head and abdomen.

Thereafter, we were all jailed for the night and and arraigned on fictitiously charges the next morning. Although none of had any prior criminal records as adults, the crown refused to dismiss the charges and allow us to counter charge the police the unwarranted attack upon our bodies, sense of well being and our sense of integrity as law abiding citizens.  As a direct result of the  charges I was wrongfully convicted of, and time spent in jail I also loss my job my career employment with the Windsor Fire & Rescue Services, as a six (6) year veteran. 

Because the office of the Chief of Police, and Special Investigations Unit of Ontario refuse to review the merits of my case, on two occasions, I am hoping in this #BlackLivesMatter climate perhaps the City of Windsor can be compelled to use their legislative oversight to right this wrong.