Compassionate Release for Nancy E. Ferneau - Serving 25 years for nonviolent charges

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  • Nancy Ferenau is 66-years-old and has been locked up for 15 years. She was indicted in a nonviolent drug conspiracy because one of the co-conspirators said Nancy “knew what was going on.” The U.S. Attorney offered her 8 years, but she went to trial and therefore received 25 years, instead.

Nancy realizes that she made bad choices in who her friends were, but never dreamed it could cost her 25 years of her life. She is very sick and last year had a kidney removed due to cancer, a breast lumpectomy and radiation for cancer as well. She has also undergone over 12 surgeries on her back, neck, knees, (plus a replacement), thyroid, and other body parts. Nancy also suffers from Rhuematoid and Osteo Arthritis and has suffered a stroke. 

Nancy meets all of the criteria for compassionate release, a Bureau of Prisons program that allows elderly prisoners who are seriously or terminally ill to be released from prison if they are over 65 and have served at least 50% of their sentence.  

Please sign this petition ask the Bureau of Prisons to give Nancy a chance to live free again instead of possibly dying in prison. Her wish is to be able to spend what life she has left with her children, grandchildren, and the rest of her family.  

And while Nancy's medical issues are numerous and will limit her ability to work, if granted her freedom, she is determined to be a productive member of society by serving in her community however she can.

Learn more about Nancy on the CAN-DO Foundation's website