Stop Sourcing Palm Oil From Unsustainable Palm Oil Plantations

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Palm oil plantations cause numerous problems for rainforests and their biodiversity. Rainforests in effect are the lungs of the Earth. Not only are palm oil plantations responsible for loss of biodiversity and up to 18% of the global warming problems, but palm oil is arguably an unnecessary ingredient. In the current products that it is being used in like bread, toiletries and chocolate in the past more sustainable ingredients like butter and sunflower oil were being used. Why is it that palm oil is being used? Well it is because it is fractionally cheaper than alternatives which do the same job as palm oil.  

 Orangutans are harmless, peaceful creatures and are suffering badly because of our use of palm oil. Even though palm oil is hurting these helpless creatures badly, the demand for palm oil is going up. Evidence of the harm that palm oil plantations is this, every 2 hours one orangutan is killed either due to deforestation or being killed for trespassing on the plantations. If this carries on, then it is projected that there will not be any more orangutans outside of protected areas after 2020. In 2006 alone, 1,500 orangutans were beaten to death by plantation workers. Why should these innocent orangutans suffer because of our greed?

 The main sources of palm oil come from the Malaysian and Indonesian rainforests, which alone produce 90% of all palm oil. Indonesia's palm oil plantations alone cover over 9 million hectares and if this figure surprises you, then by 2025 it is estimated that the palm oil plantations in Indonesia will rise to 26 million hectares. Furthermore, recent figures suggest that if we carry on abusing the rainforests’ resources like we are then by 2022, 98% of the Indonesian rainforest will be lost to this unsustainable trade of palm oil.

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