Companies must allow PUBLIC to keep an eye on the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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Major companies and nations are investing highly in Artificial Intelligence. Just like all the technologies their aim is to keep the new research secret specially from the public and to reap benefits, but the problem is that the humans won't be safe from these systems of extreme power and they will directly or indirectly affect us sooner or later.

The public should be aware of all the latest research in the AI and they should know how these big companies are using these systems of extreme power. Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook these companies have the power to use all the information of the public against them in numerous ways and they don't like being regulated because it affects their innovation process.

All these companies must from time to time show us that what are they doing?, are they in control of what they are doing? How they intend to use these systems of power over civilization and questions like that.. The only way is to keep forcing them to answer and to keep an eye on them.

We want to know which jobs are going to be replaced by robots in advance, we want to know in advance  that how the AI system will judge and label us by our social media postings and pictures. How we are going to be the victim of target ads and curated newsfeed.

We need to keep an eye on it because as Elon Musk Said ".we are summoning the demon" AI is going to be the greatest innovation in the history of mankind. We can't allow some computer scientists and politicians to open the Pandora box and use it as they like..