Save Bevan Trail Network

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Hello everyone! 

I have recently learned about the plans to destroy the Comox Valley's gem - Bevan Trail Network. The land is owned by BC Hydro, however the Timber rights are owned by Hancock Timber Resource Group HTRG Website.

A few members of our community have been working to find out more information, and we could use all the help we can get! Please help us raise awareness and formulate a plan to help this forest. 

This is an outrage, not only because of the beauty that we humans appreciate in this beautiful train network, but also for the creatures within it. There is so much life in the trees and the earth beneath them. Plants and wildlife alike are flourishing within these woods. People enjoy these trails daily, swim and exploring. It's a perfect trail for biking or walking. 

This place is incredible, and it is most certainly worth saving. We need to take a stand against the destruction of our home! This valley is beautiful, but it is being taken from us piece by piece. We can't continue to ruin the best parts of our home. 

We need to contact Hancock Timber Resource Group to invoke this change - to find out what it will take to stop this. We can do this by emailing

Contact BC Hydro. We need to work with these folks to come to some sort of agreement on how to save this forest! 

Several years ago, I found these trails and they have been a safe place for me ever since. I feel safe walking here any time of day, to jump in the fresh water and explore new trails every time. Please! Just walk in there, I promise you will feel as passionately as I do that we simply must try everything in our power to save this beautiful place. 

If you have any information at all, please contact:

Facebook group Friends of Bevan Trails

We have since formed the Puntledge River Forest Protection Society.

Contact via email (Subject line: Bevan)

History of Bevan link:

History and Info By Robin L.A. Shaw

UPDATE 10/6/2020 9:40pm

Donations received through go to, not to this cause. We are not currently set up to accept donations to this cause, however we are actively working to organize this.