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Commutation of Reynolds Allen Wintersmith be granted

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Reynolds Wintersmith is the only juvenile, first-time offender in the United States who is serving a mandatory federal life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. He has been in federal prison since 1994. Wintersmith's crime was not a murder, rape, robbery or any other crime of violence. Rather, his crime was that he joined a drug conspiracy in Rockford Illinois area when he was 17 years old. Shockingly, Wintersmith was a teen, first-time offender with zero criminal recored when he stood before the federal judge who sentenced him to die in prison.

We the community, do not advocate the use or sales of illegal drugs. We do recognize that a great mistake was made by Reynolds Wintersmith, but he was just a kid at the time. We believe that it is time that he be forgiven for the mistake, and given a chance to make allowances to help heal our community. We agree that some punishment was deserved but, LIFE in prison is greater than necessary. He has apologized to us the community; he asked that we forgive him. In acceptance, we speak on his behalf today.

We ask that you take a careful look at the life of Reynolds Wintersmith, at the person he has become and grant him TIME SERVED.

We do hereby petition that the commutation of Reynolds Allen Wintersmith be granted.

Being a citizen of the United States, I wish to allow my signature to represent that I am in agreement with the cause above.


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