Community Transport Funding Equity for Older Australians

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Community Transport Organisation understands the power of transport to remove access barriers for the most vulnerable people in our society. This is no overstatement – transport is the means by which the most marginalised can access jobs, education, healthcare – or even the simple freedom of getting out and about. This is a truth too often overlooked, something many take for granted, yet central to our quality of everyday life.

As social enterprises, Community Transport services exist to make a difference in communities through transport. Providers deliver a wide range of transport contracts, reinvesting profits back into community services. Providers deliver contracted services that are socially beneficial.

The enormous benefits and value created by Community Transport services must be taken into account to achieve the Government’s stated aims of restorative care, wellness and reablement.

Community Transport Organisation calls on the major parties to

  • Invest in the development of Community Transport across Australia
  • Work with us on a funding model that combines capability subsidies and individualised funding, ensuring that consistent, safe, and quality transport services remain available to meet the increasing demands of the aged care sector
  • Support the key enabler service of Community Transport, by ensuring continued services and choice for ageing-at-home clients, and adopting the policy of allocation of CHSP growth funding directly to Community Transport service providers

CTO advises the major parties that Community Transport services operating in the Third Sector provide a huge social return on investment that is not to be found in the commercial sector.  CTO maintains that for every $1 that the Australian Government gives to Community Transport, between $13 - $40 value is produced for Australian society.

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Community Transport Organisation is a premier peak body for community transport services, advocating for independence and dignity through accessible and affordable transport options.