Community Space/Gymnasium for St Kilda Primary

Community Space/Gymnasium for St Kilda Primary

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Parents on SKPS School Council are leading a campaign to urge the State Government to reconsider its decision not to fund a Community space/gymnasium at SKPS. Council President and parent and overall inspiration Peta has written a letter to galvanize support (see excerpt below). Please sign this petition as we urge our Government representatives to reconsider funding for our school - a State-run primary school catering for a diverse range of students and families.
'The current School Facility Area Schedule for Primary schools from the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) clearly states that we as a school with over 475 students are entitled to a school community hub of 1099m2. We have well and truly been above this number for many years now.
We are an inner-city school of diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

As a school community we are desperately trying to meet the State Government directives to rebuild community and focus on student wellbeing and yet we have no indoor space suitable for our children, parents or community to gather and use. In 2020, we lost the only space of this nature when a building was demolished. In its place additional classrooms were built but the hall was not replaced.

It is simply inadequate that our children are required to undergo a Physical Education program in a space that was designed to be a library area, sitting in the middle of four classrooms (without a wall or any permanent divider).
Balls cannot be thrown, children cannot run, voices need to be kept low and, hence, no real physical activity can take place. The only physical education can be outdoors and we know the impact Melbourne weather has on this!
In addition to the Physical Education program, we have no space for sport training or sporting programs. There is also no space for our school to hold any indoor assembly, run a parent information night, hold a school play or gather in any other way. This is not good enough and is not allowing our school to provide for the basic needs of our children and our community. We are unable to meet the mandate to bring the community together and support the physical and mental wellbeing of children post COVID.

There is no space for our Before/After/Holiday program. This is of real concern given the need for so many parents at our school to return to work post COVID and rebuild financial stability. This cannot be achieved without a safe place for children to be cared for.

There is no local community hall in the City of Port Phillip that we can utilise to meet these needs. This initiative for our school would benefit the wider Council area for local sports clubs and other groups to enjoy. '

859 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!