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Community Petition for Services/180th District/Philadelphia, PA

Community Petition for Services/180th District/Philadelphia, PA


This petition will be circulated throughout the community for signatures and then sent to our elected officials who represent the 180th district.  This petition will then be sent to these officials so that they are aware that the people are expecting results. What we are asking from you are the outlined services we have brought forth.

The “180th Watchdog Coalition” will be working with citizens throughout the communtity every step of the way to ensure that you serve the needs of the residents of the 180th District.  As our state representative and our district leaders you will be held accountable to improve conditions in our community, and "We the People" will be there doing our part to achieve this goal.










This petition was delivered to:
  • Councilman District 5
    Darrell L. Clarke (D)
  • Councilwoman District 7
    Maria Quinones Sanchez (D)
  • Councilwoman District 9
    Marian B. Tasco(D)

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