Help Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams call for a Justice Department Investigation.

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The unfortunate truth when it comes down to the COVID 19 pandemic, is that it has devastated African American communities in disproportion, while unveiling the wicked truth that inequality still runs rampant. New York City has become the EPICENTER of the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has been considered the "perfect storm" for underserved communities, with health care disparities driving the epidemic. There is a dire need for more resources, testing and preventable measures etc to help save lives. 

 Recent acts of police brutality and extreme differences in enforcing social distancing in different communities now add to the overwhelming factors against communities of color during this crisis! Immediate action is required to address the obvious mishandling of our communities during this time. As an essential worker and the founder of Totality of a Woman, a mental health and wellness community organization, I am aware firsthand of how the pandemic is terrorizing and ripping through our communities. We are left feeling unprotected and unsafe during a time where we need to be supported by our government and country.There needs to be immediate action. We need answers. Accountability. Change. Please join us as we support Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in his call for a Justice Departmental Investigation.