Support our community. Stop the closure of Labor and Delivery

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We, the staff, nurses, and doctors at Regional Medical Center, are writing this letter to inform you of the decision by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to close down the Women and Children’s services at Regional Medical Center.   As you are aware, Regional Medical Center is the ONLY hospital on the eastside of San Jose.    If you look on the service map of Regional Medical Center, the hospital covers the area from Milpitas, downtown San Jose, East San Jose to Morgan Hill.   The hospital delivers close to 1000 babies a year and it treats thousands of obstetrical visits for women on the Eastside.   We are proud to serve the mostly poor and minority patients in our community.

                HCA has a terrible record in Silicon Valley and nationwide.   When HCA took over San Jose Hospital, it moved to decrease services to the community.   Then it moved to close San Jose Hospital completely.   Now HCA is planning to wipe out services for women and children at Regional Medical Center.  This will create a "health desert" in the community.   Since its founding, Regional Medical Center has always been a community hospital.    With this new direction, it will no longer take care of patients in its immediate vicinity.  Instead, it will fly patients in from other counties for the money.    

                 With the closure of the labor and delivery service, this means a lengthy drive to the nearest hospital all of which are located on the Westside.    If you have ever travelled from the Eastside to any of these hospitals during commute hours, you would understand the dynamic of the situation.   Patients without cars might face an impossible bus ride to El Camino, Good Samaritan Hospital or Valley Medical Center.    Patients who are in labor, bleeding internally from an ectopic pregnancy, or hemorrhaging from an abruption will arrive at Regional Medical Center only to face the daunting prospect of being transferred elsewhere.   

                We are asking the community to raise your voice to stop this closure.   We are asking your help to maintain this vital service for the community.