Construction of a new concrete skatepark in Big Bear Valley

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We, the skateboard community of Big Bear Valley, believe that our home needs a new state of the art concrete skatepark.

*Be advised that donations through go towards promoting the campaign online - not the skatepark itself. If you would like to make a donation towards the park - please contact for fundraising updates.

Our current skateparks are prefabricated metal, which cause inherent danger to everyone who uses them - loose screws, sharp corners, scalding hot surfaces. These parks are outdated and in dire shape, leaving the skateboard community to many times avoid them, or travel off-hill to use other community's parks. Furthermore, the current parks don't cater to all skill levels, leaving beginners and younger skaters feeling intimidated or out of place. We want a park for everyone!

There is a thriving skateboard/action sports community in the Big Bear Valley, and we only see it fit to have a legitimate, full size, destination skatepark to match. Our local Ski/Snowboard resorts are world famous for hosting some of the most progressive freestyle events in action sports; which have an intimate tie with skateboarding. We also have an abundant amount of professional athletes that come to the valley for both recreation and training, alongside with our strong local skateboard community. They would both benefit immensely from this park -something for locals and visitors alike!

We, the skateboard community of Big Bear Valley, propose to volunteer our time and effort into all facets of this project until completed. Thus far, we've reached out to skatepark advocates, builders and community leaders who have shown nothing but support. More importantly, we are a group of local skaters, mothers, fathers, business owners, and hard working individuals that are passionate about getting a place not only for us, but for our children and the generations to come. Skateboarding is constantly growing worldwide, so let's give our kids somewhere to grow the sport and themselves!