Protect Grocery Stores and Community-Serving Businesses in LA Chinatown!

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G&G Market and Ai Hoa Market are the last two remaining full-service grocery stores in Los Angeles Chinatown. 

They provide the working-class Asian and Latinx community who live, work, and visit the neighborhood access to affordable fresh groceries, frozen foods, seafood and poultry, and daily necessities.

Elders and families gather and socialize with neighbors here. Local residents work here. They are important community spaces - vital to sustaining the low-income immigrant neighborhood. 

However, these two grocery stores are facing displacement. 

The current owner of G&G Market has served the community for over 12 years, but early this month, their landlord B.I.G. Group LLC served them an eviction notice after multiple occasions of harassment over the communal parking lots and trashbins. B.I.G. Group bought the property over 5 years ago. It's not a coincidence that the chef at the new hip restaurant Ord and Broadway next door is the nephew of the property owner displacing G&G Market. 

Ai Hoa Market has served the community for over 35 years. The past few years, downtown developer Tom Gilmore has been buying up properties on the block where Ai Hoa and neighboring restaurants and stores sit. As a landlord, he's charged these businesses for the use of the parking lot. He's raised rents on Ai Hoa and has refused to give them a contract longer than one year. 

At the same time that Chinatown's low-income tenants are fighting soaring rent increases, unjust evictions, and landlord harassment, developers like *Tom Gilmore* and *B.I.G. Group* are looking to displace longtime businesses that serve the low-income community. 

We do not want to see businesses like these being displaced. We need to ensure that these spaces are used for community-serving businesses, not luxury market-rate development and businesses that fail to meet the needs of the working-class neighborhood.

Please sign this petition:

  • to show community support for G&G Market and Ai Hoa Market 
  • to demand landlords Tom Gilmore and B.I.G. Group keep these commercial spaces as affordable community-serving grocery stores
  • to demand that any development or business that comes into the neighborhood must serve the working-class community 

Please follow for updates and more ways to get involved.

Chinatown is not for sale!


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