Community Matters #SaveEastOxford

Community Matters #SaveEastOxford

29 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

We need to STOP the closure and partial demolition of the East Oxford Community Centre.   
There needs to be a pause and a rethink - 7 years on from when the plans started, things have fundamentally changed! Community need is very different with costs spiraling, environmental crisis and climate emergency, this project is no longer suitable, sustainable or viable. LETS FIX THIS!  
All the organisations based at EOCC are staunch supporters of high-quality community investment that is environmentally, socially and economically responsible. And welcome the commitment of Oxford City Council to invest in the community. Unfortunately the current redevelopment plans fall significantly short of these responsibilities. Counter to Oxford City Council’s assertions, they risk being seriously detrimental to Oxford’s communities. 
We are additionally concerned about the viability of this scheme. Our present economic crisis is a serious risk. Should the redevelopment go ahead, the rising costs for materials, transport, labour and living costs mean that the proposed project cannot be delivered within the current budgets or on time. Moreover, this crisis means that the community needs more support and space, not less!
Destroying and knocking down buildings that have acted as community, arts and cultural centres for over 45 years will be a destruction of Oxford's cultural and social heritage.  

The demolition and creation of new buildings as planned iby Oxford City Council is bad for the environment producing and releasing lots of Carbon Dioxide into the environment and speeding up climate change at this time when we are all being asked to do more to reduce carbon. 

The Council plans to move all eight EOCC tenants to a vacant shop unit in Cowley for the duration of the redevelopment, which is due to last over two years!  
The diverse communities of East Oxford are at risk as the scheme is outdated and needs reconsidering and designing to meet the needs of the community.  
Oxford City Council are set to sell off Community land as justifying this as needed for the redevelopment. This land is for community use and should remain so.  Once it's gone the community will never get it back.


STOP NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE the project is no longer the right thing to do! 


African Caribbean Kulture Heritage Initiative
East Oxford Community Association
Fusion Arts
Oxford Action Resource Centre
Oxfordshire Chinese Community & Advice Centre
Many more groups and hirers have already been seriously negatively affected.

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Signatures: 1,173Next Goal: 1,500
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