Make NYC authorities take animal theft & crime seriously

Make NYC authorities take animal theft & crime seriously

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Good Afternoon,

I am writing because I need help and have an issue with the way NYC (and overall US gov)authorities handle cases involving animal crime. My dog was stolen and police did not even attempt to find good camera footage for nearly 3 weeks. the detective dropped the case without telling me. I understand they are busy. But if they’re that busy, then the amount of times I’ve seen officers handing out tickets in groups is astounding. Bringing in money to the city seems to be more important than serving the city. Dog theft is an epidemic here. We need NYC to start taking it seriously. Many of our abused dogs in shelters, dog fighting rings, and backyard breedings are the direct result of this kind of crime and the authorities’ inefficiency in handling these matters. A bill to make this a class E Felony just passed through the senate. But will city officials enforce it or sweep it under the rug like my case now? will our Mayor step up and help?

I thought it was NYC but I realize its our country as a whole. And that new federal law just signed in does not actually cover most animal abuse acts or crimes.. I keep seeing abusers getting off with misdemeanors. A man shot a woman’s dog in the face and admitted he had no reason and was given a citation. A man in detroit with 16 pits starved & living in filth and a dozen more in same conditions in the basement gets a misdemeanor. he was a dog fighter and they pretty much gave a slap on the wrist and let him go back to do it again. Vick DID NOT go to jail for dog fighting, he went because his money from it crossed state lines. they only break up dog fighting rings bc they know they can bust “bigger” crimes like drugs and guns.  PEOPLE COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH IT. THEY KNOW AUTHORITIES DO NOT INVESTIGATE FULLY OR TREAT IT SERIOUSLY

Please help get authorities to take animal theft and crime seriously. Currently, stolen dogs is a huge problem and the police are not helpful. Taking weeks to check camera footage. Labeling it “petty larceny.” Often these dogs go to cruel backyard breeders or fighting rings. Then the city acts proud and they feel like heroes for busting a fighting ring that may not have existed if they had cracked down on this crime. They need to treat these crimes seriously. Search for stolen animals vigorously and have harsher punishments for crimes against animals.  In NYC, you will see 4 to 6 officers issuing a ticket but then none are available to help the public when truly necessary. Stop with your ticket quotas and help the taxpayers. A dog is a life. One that can be scared or hurt. Stop treating them like inanimate objects. 

My dog was stolen November 7th. The detective silently dropped my case. I just found out from someone else..the police didn’t even tell me. 

Its been 3 weeks and police still have not obtained footage from the apartment buildings on the ONE BLOCK this man ran down. He ran on Quincy between Ralph and Patchen (bushwick, brooklyn ny) so if you know anyone who lives down that street please ask for their landlord info so I may obtain footage. Or help put pressure on the police for me. I don’t know why it takes them 2 weeks to even start looking for footage. some footage has already deleted �
because they are taking so long I’m going to have to try to find money to hire a PI.

81 precinct. 718-574-0411

Detective is detective YI (dropped the case without ever contacting me to let me know)

Officer Darrell Shannon and officer Gray are officers on the case.

I am raising money to hire a private detective. please help share/donate

I even emailed council member’s. Council member Antonio Raynoso said there was nothing he can do. As a person in a power The NY laws on dognapping make it petty larceny. If it were taken more seriously and animal theft and cruelty was prosecuted more harshly, we wouldn’t have so many dog fighting rings or backyard breeders or abused animals on shelters. Those ratings are a DIRECT result of our city’s inefficiency and lack of prioritizing and prosecuting animal crimes. NYC GOV & NYPD DO NOT FEEL PRIDE WHEN YOU BUST A DOG FIGHTING RING. DO NOT ACT LIKE HEROES. THOSE DOGS WOULDNT BE IN SUCH POSITIONS IF YOU’D BEEN PROACTIVE AND DONE WHAT TAXPAYERS HAVE BEEN ASKING YOU TO DO.

What they have done to help: My dog was stolen Nov 7. They took over a day to put a detective on the case and told me “these things take time.” She was out a couple of days and had her officers check footage. when she got back, she sent me footage from walgreens of the guy running away. that’s all they could get because mcdonalds cameras don’t go out to the sidewalk. I don’t know if that street has a camera on the traffic light.

I called daily. I finally emailed the entire precinct on NOV 16 when I still hadn’t neard anything. The news had already run the story. And I’d heard nothing from police. officer shannon told me the cameras at the precinct didnt show the guy’s face and neither did the ones from the school. we’d need to subpoena the school footage to obtain it.

on the 17th I got a lead of someone thinking they saw a guy with havok the day before and I asked police to check cameras at checkers and a building people who fit the description walked into. they said theyd check that day.i asked on the 18th and they said they didnt and would go the 19th. checkers cameras wipe in two days...they went tuesday to the building, did not check the camera..just asked a resident if he saw the dog. I could have done that myself. I was flyering that area the day before and asking around already.

Nov 20 (wed) they said they asked the buildings on quincy about footage. I’m not sure if they asked every one. but I put notes in the doors asking for landord info so i could call but no one texted me. police said the owners wanted to view footage themselves and would get back to them. today is monday and I am waiting for an update.

3 weeks. for one block. I can’t help but think if this had been a child or even a car which is deemed more worthy based on how much it costs..this would be done faster.

in nyc dog theft is a petty larceny so its prioritized like someone stole your shoes. He could be scared or hurt. I’m a mess. and I’m trying to hire a PI now to do a job my taxes ae supposed to pay for

for more pics/videos and updates go to “Help find Havok” on facebook


PLEASE HOLD OUR CITY AUTHORITIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR PROVIDING PROPER SERVICE. Taxpayers oay you to serve and protect. spend less time arresting people and issuing tickets for things like selling churros and actually work hard when the people need you. I am so used to people not calling police when a crime is against them and saying “they won’t help anyway.” FIX THIS. A dog is a LIFE. Not a pair of shoes.