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The people in our community and supporters of Green Spaces are asking that the vacant property on 159 Street between St. Ann's and Eagle Avenue Bronx NY be released for public use as a proposed Community Garden.

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The South Bronx is experiencing a surge in new developments, however, NYC planners and policy makers have failed to include green spaces and schools in the new building development plans exploding in this area. This has led to an over population and lack of green space density as the new Yankee Stadium area has proven when the area of Macombs Dam park was given to the developers and Yankee owners. The new Macombs Dam area park is no comparison to the majesty of the old Macombs Dam Park green space area lost. Gone are the beautiful trees and green recreational spaces which were vital to the community surrounding it.

Now, there is a concrete jungle surrounding the South Bronx area and we, the community eke out green patches to ensure our environmental vitality. The residents and homeowners near the East 159th Street area have seen these developments spring up without any consideration to outdoor green spaces. Therefore, I am seeking a petition to address this issue with our local politicians. We seek the opportunity to make a sustainable green space on the NYC DOT demapped street of East 159th Street between Eagle and Saint Anns Avenue.

This street has been De-Mapped and no longer used by DOT as a vehicle use street. The street has been vacant for over 30 years.  It has been an eye sore as well as a hazard to the community allowing for illegal dumping, rodent infestation and littering.

The wonderful nearby residential buildings and the Melrose Court condominium development as well as businesses in the area deserve a more pleasant environment in which to call home and enhance the value of their properties as well as their safety concerns.

A Community space and garden will bring residents and local businesses together along with local school students to practice sustainable and healthy living by growing fruits and vegetables and enjoying the beauty of flowers and a variety of exotic plants.  

The lighting, maintenance  and upkeep of a community space will increase foot traffic and help restore the once forgotten safety of walking along this vacant property.

At the corner of this Property along Eagle Avenue there is a school called The New Life School.  The school has a gardening program but does not have any outdoor space because of the proximity of the school. The only garden the students use to learn and enjoy from, is a raised bed under the limited lighting from the sun roof located at the lobby of the school.

The schools administration would love to see this empty property turned into a community place including a garden in which the students can have the ability and the space to grow many variety of plants while at the same time enhancing their learning abilities and skills for future use and possible career paths.

The street is currently fenced all around with beautiful brick and gated entrances on both ends. This was made possible by the developers of the housing complex adjacent to the street. however they were denied the use of it because it was not a part of their planned development and belonged to DOT. The developers and management of that housing complex as well as its residents agree and would like this property turned into a safe community garden.

A not for profit organization helps beautify communities by assisting residents turn forgotten, vacant and or abandoned lots and land into vibrant lush community spaces. Their success speaks for itself, communities in all boroughs of NYC are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. where once sat vacant lots now sit beautiful community spaces and gardens being used each day by senior citizens, children and your everyday resident who come home to a beautiful place to relax and enjoy. 596acres hopes that this 159 Street project will one day be one of those success stories, and so do we the people of this community.




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