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Stop the Heathrow Airport easterly departure routes trial and not make the changes permanent

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Residents to the east of LHR have been surprised and dismayed to learn that since the start of 2014, Heathrow has been undertaking trials for the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) that alter flightpaths over the area.

The second of these (starting July 2014) has led to massively increased plane frequency in concentrated paths and therefore noise levels over certain areas when planes are taking off to the east.

Heathrow have stated that they "Before the trials started in December last year we briefed local authorities; residents groups; campaign groups and MPs around Heathrow" yet will not provide any details on who was contacted and when, the vast majority of residents in some areas seem to not know about the trials until very recently.

Locals feel that Heathrow should have themselves contacted those affected underneath the flightpaths so they were properly informed and could also quantify a before & after comparison.

Yes we live near Heathrow, a major international airport and plane noise is both expected and accepted, but these trial changes are a major shift in areas blighted by much more extreme noise.

The second trial is due to end on the 26th January 2015 but we, the residents affected are calling on Heathrow to halt these trials as soon as possible due to the negative impact on the quality of life that many are experiencing as a result. We also call for Heathrow to recommend that these changes are not made permanent.

For more detail concerning Teddington flight paths in particular see

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