FM Community Broadcast radio license for the Jewish Community of Melbourne

The Melbourne Jewish community has more than 50,000 members covering a broad spectrum of lifestyles, professions, cultures, languages and ages. Although its 50,000 members live mostly in south-eastern Melbourne, they are generally spread throughout its 321 suburbs, including as far as the Dandenongs in the east and Frankston in the south.

As diverse and as wide as the Jewish community is, it is restricted by the lack of a Melbourne city-wide FM community broadcast licence. Its current short-range, narrowcast licence (87.8FM, of one watt) has a limited reach of eight-to-10 kilometres radius from its broadcast antenna at Glen Eira Town Hall. Reception outside this 10-kilometre radius is extremely poor at best. We seek a Melbourne city-wide community broadcast licence of about 250 watts to increase J-AIR's output and provide a city-wide coverage.

The Jewish community is worse for not having this wider coverage. Other communities have broadcast licences, why not the Jewish community? Not only would a powerful broadcast community licence be an excellent asset to the Jewish community, it would be of great interest generally to Melbournians, who would benefit from J-AIR's diverse, entertaining content of some 50 different shows over seven-day, 24-hour programming.

The Australian broadcast regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority  (ACMA), continually refuses our application for a community licence and we may now have to submit a petition to the federal House of Representatives for it to urge some action on this matter.

We urge you to sign this petition, and ask that you urge your friends, relatives and contacts to do similarly.

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