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In the South we are known for our hospitality and kindness, but we are also known for our loyalty and strong family & community ties. Unfortunately, sometimes the communities we hold so dear are threatened by the very people we have trusted with our whole hearts.

Recently a former local pastor, Dustin Boles, is attempting to start a new church in the same community of Ocean Springs that he betrayed only 3 years ago by allegedly preying on women in his congregation and grossly misusing his authority. We strongly feel that we do not want someone leading a church in our town that has the alleged history and potential to abuse their power...not with our daughters, sisters, wives or mothers. We deserve better than that.

When a pastor has an “affair” or “inappropriateness” with a person in his congregation, the burden rests on him as the person that has the power in this relationship. The power imbalance makes it impossible for “consent” to be given. So none of this, whatever “this” is, was consensual, ok, or fitting for a pastor. 

Below are links that not only support the allegations of misconduct and lay out Dustin’s bizarre history, but they also relay some of the pain and disgust that the victims suffered at the time of the incidents and now with him possibly returning to power once again.

Rachel’s Story

Jade’s Story

Strange Activity Timeline

More of the sordid tale here

Doug Molyneaux audiolink (an elder at Mosaic at the time when Dustin resigned-Audio dated Jul 10, 2016. 32:30 into the audio you will hear Dustin Boles’ speak about his resignation).  

If you are in agreement with us about preventing Dustin Boles to start, inherit or lead any church in Ocean Springs, Jackson County or on the Gulf Coast, please share with your family and friends.

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